AVA White Rain Face & Body Moisturizer SPF30 Review


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     I am sorry that I did not post anything for a month as September was very busy than expected both at the work and personal front.  And thanks for all those who still kept checking my blog 🙂 I hope to post more this month.  So, today’s review is on the AVA moisturizer which I got in one of My Envy Boxes and the brand was completely new to me.  Let’s see how it fared on me.



     ₹ 150 for 50 mL

About the Product

     AVA White Rain Face & Body Moisturizer is made of pure white emulsion of jasmine, mogra and vanilla improve the elasticity of the skin with its anti-blemish and anti-ageing properties while protecting the skin with natural SPF oils.  It absorbs quickly leaving no greasy residue on your skin.  Keep away from eyes and external applications only.


     Purified Water, Glycerine, Almond oil, Bees wax, Kokum buutter, sunflower oil, canoseed oil, wheatgerm oil, grapeseed oil, jasmine absolute oil, Mograflower extract, vanilla extract, white tea extract, licorice extract, ashwagandha extract, base qs.



     AVA boy moisturizer comes in a plastic transparent small bottle packaging and the cream is a thick white cream.  As the brand is new to me, I did not expect much from it but the mentioning of jasmine and mogra made me try it.  I used it during late summer and beginning of autumn when my skin was combination dry and I did not moisturize it properly that resulted in dry patches in  the face.  The moment I opened this lotion I loved the smell, it almost smelt like my favorite Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream Jasmine & Patchouli, but the more I smelled it I know they are close but still different in the way they smell.  Both have a mild jasmine fragrance, but the FE ones smell more mild and divine compared to AVA one but still I was happy as the smell was not overpowering and did not feel artificial and the price is very affordable if you use it as a face product.  It also other notes of smell than jasmine and mogra but nevertheless the fragrance was flowery and feminine.  I really did not like the packaging as it was a thick cream when half of the bottle is finished, I have to tilt and keep it to get rest of the product and it also started accumulating at the edges of the bottle and as it was exposed to outside for a long time the exposed cream started changing color and going almost rancid, so I have to wipe the mouth every time when the product was getting near finishing.  The cream is thick and rich but sinks well into the moist skin and if your skin is very dry, it will take few seconds to soak in.  But there was no greasy feeling afterward and it left my skin soft, and supple.  I woke up with moisturized nourished skin in the morning and in a couple of days my dry patches healed completely which I never expected which I have experienced with my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Lotion when I used it on the face.  So, I finished it up a couple of days back and it will only last for few days if used as a body moisturizer but as face cream it lasted me two months and is quite affordable too with no nasty ingredients.  I think this cream will suit people with dry or combination dry skin and normal skin in winters, it might be rich for oily skin to be used in the face.  I could not get more information about the brand and I can mostly see a couple of their products in the subscriptions boxes only.  So, availability is a major issue and I wish to try other products from the brand too in the future if I could get hold of it.



Thick cream that spreads well and absorbs well with little massage

I love the jasmine based fragrance which is not overpowering and does not smell artificial

Moisturizes without feeling greasy

Suits dry or combination dry skin well

Ingredient list looks impressive with butters, extracts and oils from nature

Comes with SPF30 though it is best to wear a sunscreen on top of this if being outside in teh sun for long time

Makes the skin supple & smooth

Soothes dry patches and also clears them up in few days of application continuously

Is an excellent and affordable face moisturizer


Availability is a majoy problem

Will finish up soon if used as a body moisturizer

The packaging is not at all practical, wish it came in a squeezable tube or a tub

Might be rich for oily skin

Full ingredient list is missing, they do not specify the list of ingredients in their base qs

Prettykooll rating: 4.5/5 (This proved to be an excellent moisturizer for my combination skin in spite of its short comings)

Have you used AVA moisturizer?  What is your opinion about the product?  Have you used any other products from the brand?


  • Harshita 7 months ago

    Hey, nice review. I have extremely dry skin, would love to try this out!
    Harshita recently posted…Why I love Fall + Youtube Channel UpdateMy Profile

    • Preethy 7 months ago

      Your skin will love this

  • Sangeeta G 8 months ago

    My skin is more towards the dry-combination type these day.. would love to give this a try.
    Sangeeta G recently posted…Bleu Beaute Retinol Serum | ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 8 months ago

      Try it you will like it

  • Swathi 8 months ago

    Even I had a busy September.
    Sounds great, though not for me. Availability is such a con with these new brands 🙁
    Nicely reviews.
    Swathi recently posted…Organistick Lipstick in Light Maroon 03: Review, Swatch, LOTDMy Profile

    • Preethy 8 months ago

      Yes, availability is a major issue

  • safi 8 months ago

    I have tried their face & body scrub and I loved it. It smelled so amazing. But it had a similar packaging which was not at all practical. Great review 🙂
    safi recently posted…L’oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner – Charcoal ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 8 months ago

      OK, will check out their scrub too

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