Avene Thermal Spring Water Review


Hi everyone,

     I am sure many of you might have used the thermal spring water from different brands like La-Poche Rosay, Vichy, Eucerin etc and trying out a thermal spring water was on my wish list for a long time.  I still use rose water a lot for various purposes as toner, facial mist and quite satisfied with it but always wanted to try a thermal spring water.  So, at last, I went ahead and purchased this huge can of 300 mL thermal spring water from Avene as it was much economical compared to the smaller ones.  I always use face mist everytime I wash my face or just when I feel my face is getting dry, so I was sure I will finish this huge can for sure.  You would have this can in my empties post-5  here.  So, read on to know my thoughts about it.


     € 12.50 (₹ 885) for 300 mL

     The Avene thermal spring water comes in an aluminum tin with a spray that sprays a fine mist.  The thermal spring water is colorless, does not have any artificial fragrance and actually does not smell of anything noticeable to me.  It just feels like spraying water on the face and like rose water, I spray it on my face and either pat it with my fingers so that it get dried up on my skin or leave it to air dry before moving with my skincare regime.  I also use to spray it on top of my makeup and it never disturbs the makeup instead take off the powdery look and make my skin looks a bit more hydrated.   Thermal spring water contains a lot of minerals and other skin friendly ingredients, so it is supposed to be really good for the skin.  So, did I really notice any magical difference that it made to my skin?  The honest answer is no.  My skin type is normal, in the sense that I do not have acne, rashes, and major skin problems as such and I have combination oily in summer and combination dry in cold season taking into special account the Turku spring and autumn weather are dry during extreme winters that we face here.  So, the main problem I face is dry patches most of the year.  Using thermal spring water or rose water just adds a little extra boost of hydration to my skin.  So, I did not really notice any big difference between using rose water or thermal spring water for my skin personally.  This calms down redness and sunburns that you get during summers, but I have seen same effects with a good quality rose water too.  I did not find any major difference but I think the thermal spring water is much adored especially in the Western world due to easy irritation and sunburns and rashes that people get here and it is a good soothing water for those purposes especially with problematic skin.  So, will I still try other thermal spring water in the future? Yes, maybe if I get bored of rose water or other floral toners or sometimes when I feel just to try one.


Leaves the skin lightly hydrated

Soothes the skin if you get sunburns, dry patches, rashes etc

Smells of nothing particular so good for people with sensitive noses too

Pure thermal spring water obtained from nature so does not have any added artificial ingredients

Can be used on all skin types

Available widely here but that depends on different countries too and I have seen that other brand thermal spring water is widely available online in India


Price depending on where you buy it, I have seen few brands are less costly in some countries compared to others

Prettykooll rating: 4.5/5

Have you used thermal waters?  Which brand’s is your favorite?  I am glad I tried a thermal spring water but I am still happy with my rose water and other floral waters.


  • Archana 2 months ago

    I have had my eyes on this for a long time. But reading the mixed reviews about this, I get confused 😀
    Archana recently posted…Review of Fuschia Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot CreamMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 months ago

      There is nothing bad about the product, it’s a good one, I just prefer rose water more than this. But do try thermal spring water at least once because you might get a different opinion

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