Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body oil Review


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Today I am reviewing a body oil from Biotique which I used a lot when I was in India in July.  Biotique products are usually a hit and miss for me, let’s see how this turned out.



     ₹ 135 for 120 mL

Ingredients & About the Product:

     Gajar (Daucus carota), Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus oil), Akhrot (Juglans regia), Mahuva tail (Bassia latifolia oil), Rai tail (Brassica nigra oil), Moongphali tail (Archis hypogaea oil) Q.S.

     This luxurious after bath oil is blended with pure carrot seed, almond and ground nut oil, mixed with walnut and Indian butter, to keep skin soft, supple and free from dry lines and wrinkles. Leaves body skin smooth, lustrous and younger-looking.

Directions for Use

Apply all over the body, after shower or bath, and massage into damp skin with circular motions until absorbed.




     My body skin is on the dry side and I use intense moisturizing lotions when I am in Finland due to the cold weather which aggravates the dryness.  I wanted to try after bath body oils for a long time and when I was in India my body skin was not very dry due to the hot humid weather and I thought of trying out this one from Biotique.  The product comes in the usual Biotique packaging and the opening dispense little amount of oil, so it was quite practical and was also travel-friendly.  The oil was almost colorless, had the usual herbal fragrance which might be bothersome for sensitive noses, but for me I did not like or hate the smell and could tolerate it.  The smell stays on the body for few hours and then vanishes away.  The oil is not very runny, felt light, spreads well on the skin and get absorbed within few minutes of massaging after a hot shower.  It also moisturizes the skin well if your skin is normal to semi-dry.  But, the moisturization effect will not be enough for people with very dry skin or even for others during very cold weather.  The oil does feel sticky for some time especially if the weather is hot and humid and it will take at least 15-30 minutes of the sticky feeling to go away completely.  But, it does not stain clothes about which I was quite happy.  I felt that the oil gets absorbed very well and quickly after a hot shower like many body oils as the pores in the skin will be open which aid absorption.  But due to the hot weather in India I mostly took a bath in normal water so it did take a longer time to get absorbed completely.  I cannot comment on any of its anti-aging claims as it is hard to tell it when you use it only on your body for a month which does not have wrinkles.  I did not love or hate the oil but will prefer to use it after a hot shower so that it gets absorbed better.  But, you can avoid it during hot humid temperatures if you cannot tolerate the stickiness though it gets completely absorbed within an hour.




Practical travel-friendly packaging

Lightweight oil that spreads well

Gets absorbed within few minutes after a hot shower

Feels very light on the skin and does not feel greasy once absorbed

Makes the skin supple & smooth

Hydrates the skin decently

Will suit people with normal skin people

Does not stain clothes


It is not intensely moisturizing, so will not be enough for dry skin people or others in very cold climate

Not a fan of the herbal smell

Feels greasy till it gets absorbed completely

Take at least 15-30 minutes to get absorbed completely if you had shower in normal or cold water

Prettykooll rating: 3.5/5
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  • Khushi@NotOnlyMakeup 2 years ago

    I really love Biotique, you have reminded me about it. its about time to buy something from this beautiful brand.

  • Anurima_HMW 2 years ago

    Great review! I too have love-hate relationship with Biotique. This product seems worth checking out 🙂
    Anurima_HMW recently posted…Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Lipstick ‘Red’ ReviewMy Profile

  • himanshi 2 years ago

    I like bath oils..this one looks good too..thanks for the review
    himanshi recently posted…Bling It On : Featuring SilvetteMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Welcome 🙂

  • Priyanka Jain 2 years ago

    Sounds decent. Nice review dear 🙂

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂

  • shampita@Therainbowlady 2 years ago

    During winters only I use bath oils before taking shower. I have never tried Biotique bath oil. But this year I want to try the Sugandhi one from Kama

    Shampita @ TheRainbowlady recently posted The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion // Review and Swatch

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      I have not tried that one, will have to try some other body oils too

  • shwetali 2 years ago

    I am fan of body oil but which is having floral sent

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Then you will surely not like this

  • Sangeeta 2 years ago

    I love using after bath oil. They are an easy way to moisturise the skin. I mostly use Johnson’s baby oil, gets absorbed into the skin easily and feels good. I also started using Neutrogena bath oil – it is very light weight and feels amazing to use.
    Sangeeta recently posted…The Body Shop – Rainforest Coconut Hair OilMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      I am currently using the Neutrogena one and the moisturization effect is not enough for my dry body skin as the weather here is starting to turn cold

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