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Empties Post – 6


Hi everyone,

     It’s already March and it seem this year is going fast for me.  How about you?  Do you also have similar feeling or is the year dragging?  This is another empties post and actually I had more empty products than those shown here.  I have finished a Lakme concealer, lip balm etc but my husband accidentally deleted few pictures from the camera memory card and I was left only with these empties.  It’s sad that I collected all the empty products and the rest which is almost equal to the number of products shown here was deleted and I could not retake them as I threw those empty containers 🙁  So now let’s move to the empties shown here.

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Hedonista Face Souffle Review


Hello everyone,

     Today I will be reviewing another wonderful brand that I discovered through My Envy Box subscription last year.  It is the brand Hedonista and I like their solid perfumes too and today’s review is on the Hedonista Face Souffle – Chocolate & Rhassoul clay.


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