Forest Essentials Lip Scrub – Cane Sugar Review


Hi everyone,

     I have never used commercially available lip scrubs in my life, I usually DIY using sugar, oil, honey and that too I do it very rarely may be once in 6 months if I remember to do it, or sometimes when my lips feel very dry or need some nourishment.  But the one thing I do often is, I apply lip balm in excess overnight and in the morning after brushing my teeth I brush my lips also using the same toothbrush that removes all dead cells revealing healthy moisturized smooth lips.  This is one I have been following many years and happy with it.  Lip scrubs never caught my attention as I thought I might never use it and it might be a waste.  But, when Forest Essentials launched the cane sugar lip scrub, I wanted to try it just like I wanted to try few other FE products.  The one lip scrub that I was actually eyeing was the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush as I love bubblegum fragrance but when I smelled it in Lush stores I did not actually like the fragrance or maybe it did not fit of what I thought would be the fragrance, not sure, I have to smell it once again to make sure.  But, coming to today’s review is the cane sugar lip scrub from Forest Essentials, let’s see how well it fared on me.

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