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Hello everyone,

     I usually love reading empties and favourites post in other blogs as it will give you an overall idea of what the blogger liked or not and is also a way of catching up with some reviews which we might have missed reading before.  So, I too thought of compiling an empties post on a regular basis, I don’t think I can do a monthly empties post but will mostly try to do once in two months, like a bimonthly empties posts at least.


1.  Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing Body Lotion

     I have been using Garnier body lotion for 3-4 years continuously as it is my all-time favorite, and I have repurchased it a lot.  I use different variants depending on the season and the one shown in the picture is for very dry skin.  All the variants get absorbed very fast and leave my skin very well moisturized and my skin feels ok even if I skip it without moisturizing for one day.  I have used body lotions from Dove, Nivea, Vaseline and different brands but always come back to this one as it is economical, spreads easily, fast absorbing and leaves the skin well moisturized.  I have tried the body cocoon one that comes in the orange colored pack in India and I think these variants are not available in India.  I have never reviewed this in my blog and just realized I have never reviewed any body lotions/butters in my blog though I use them a lot.  I will review them soon and I will be repurchasing this one till I find a better one or make one myself 😀

2.  FabIndia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk

     I loved this cream cleanser from Fabindia and it worked well in removing makeup and was also very gentle on skin.  It is quite affordable and last me to 3-4 months with daily usage.  I am not repurchasing it anytime sooner as I have few cleansers to finish off, but would recommend it if you want a good cleansing milk for everyday use.  You can read the complete review here.

3.  Bath & Body Works  Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion

     I got few Bath and Body works products from the USA through my sister and this is one of them.  I have tried Bath and Body works products before and their scents are really strong in few of their variants.  One good thing is that the smell remains on the skin for a very long time but at the same time they might seem overpowering at times depending on the fragrance.  So, I got the small ones to try out and I like this one as it was intensely moisturizing for my skin, the scent was strong but I liked it, but some might find it very strong.  I will not purchase them anytime soon mainly due to the non-availability in Turku.

4.  Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

     I got four bottles of this rose water to try out as I have heard very good things about it and to see how it fared in comparison with the rose waters from Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda or the Good Earth Amritam Rose Water.  Those are quite expensive compared to the Patanjali one which is cheap, but I did not like the Patanjali ones because it did not give any refreshed feeling, the smell was ok but it always had these tiny precipitates floating in the bottle.  I have read that it is normal to see some particles floating but the precipitates were very cloudy so I filtered them and used this rose water in my face masks.  I will not repurchase this but one thing I have learnt very well in the blogging journey and otherwise is that one product that works very well for me might not work for others and vice versa, this applies to the Patanjali rose water too.


5.  The Nature’s Co Jasmine Sugar Body Scrub

     I started using this last year and it lasted me around 10 months, I liked the scrub, it exfoliated well, left the skin hydrated due to the presence of oils and had a nice jasmine fragrance.  But, as it is a  sugar based scrub, I have to quickly start exfoliating as soon as I rub it in the skin otherwise it gets melted fast as with the case of many sugar scrubs.  I liked it though I will not repurchase it as I have few other scrubs to finish off.  And I am becoming so irregular with using body scrubs that I have to think before purchasing any new body scrubs or might stick with home-made ones.  You can read the complete review of this scrub here.

6. The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

     I love TBS body butters and I am a huge fan of Moringa fragrance.  I got this small tub to use it during travels and liked this butter as it was light at the same time moisturizing for my dry skin in springs and summers.  The moisturization will not be enough for me during winter but there are other body butters/lotions that I use in winters.  I mostly prefer body lotions as they spread easily and easy to apply during morning rush and use the Garnier body lotion as it is economical for me both during winters and summers as I use a lot all over my body to keep it moisturized.  So, I do not indulge in TBS body butters/lotions often as it get finished quickly especially the lotions.  But, still, I purchase TBS body butters/lotions now and then, so might repurchase it in future sometimes.

7.  Natio Meditate Hand Cream (Yoga Scent Pink Lotus Attar)

     I got this sample pack of the hand cream in one of My Envy Box and was quite excited to try it due to two main reasons, one is, I use a lot of hand creams as my hands get quite dry and I have never tried Natio products before.  The hand cream is very well moisturizing but the smell was a big turn off for me.  The fragrance might not be bothersome for some, but for me I absolutely hated the fragrance, I am not even going to describe how it smelt like, but still I managed to finish the tube off as the cream was good otherwise.

     So that is all for my first Empties post 🙂  Let me know in the comments below which products you have tried from the above or planning to try out?


  • Vishakha@Reviewwali 2 years ago

    Great that you finished this much, I love checking out empties post 😀

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      I too love reading empties post

  • Khushi@NotOnlyMakeup 2 years ago

    oh wow, some really lucrative stuff out there. Love the stuff all lined up.

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thank you 🙂

  • Grace 2 years ago

    This list is so tempting and makes me want to grab everything 😀 😀

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Grace 🙂 but do skip the hand cream and the rose water

  • Chaicy 2 years ago

    I’m soo addicted to bloggers doing an empties post. It’s nice to see which products they use and recommend. Thanks Preethy for this post

    Chaicy recently posted.. Yoga

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      I too love seeing empties post in other blogs 🙂

  • Shweta 2 years ago

    Nice list of products.. I have used some of the products from your list 🙂

  • Dipti 2 years ago

    wow garnier has a body lotion! :O
    Dipti recently posted…Review | BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In CreamMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Yes 🙂

  • Priyanka Jain 2 years ago

    I dislike the patajali rose water too. My HG is Kama Ayurveda Rose water.

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      I like Kama Ayurveda rose water too

  • Anurima_HMW 2 years ago

    Great list of products! I loved Fabindia’s Tree Tree range but never knew they have a cleansing milk also! Thanks a lot for letting me know this.. will surely check it out 🙂

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Welcome 🙂 I have never used any other products from their tea tree range, wanted to try out their tea tree moisturizer but it was out of stock

  • Mariyam 2 years ago

    I like TBS body butters and fabindia products! Nice empties post 🙂
    Mariyam recently posted…Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper in Grey – Review, SwatchesMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Me too 🙂

  • aditi 2 years ago

    great post 🙂

  • Renji 2 years ago

    You emptied so many products!! great achievement.

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Renji 🙂 I am currently trying to finish the products I have before getting any new ones

  • Sangeeta 2 years ago

    Nice mix of products among your empties. Nature’s Co Jasmine Sugar Body Scrub sounds like a great product.
    Sangeeta recently posted…Lakme – Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish in Mint JulepMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Yes it is, I enjoyed using it

  • Swathi 2 years ago

    I like empties post 😀 I havenot tried anything from this list… beautiful clicks 🙂
    Swathi recently posted…Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream : ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Swathi 🙂

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