Fabindia Tea tree cleansing milk Review


Hey everyone,

     I used to use face washes twice a day and after my skin started to become more combination dry due to cold weather in Turku, I started using non-foaming gentle cleansers in the morning after waking up and normal foaming face washes in the evening after coming from work.  One such cleanser is the Tea tree cleansing milk by Fabindia.


Price: ₹ 200 for 200 mL

You can buy it from their stores or online, though it is hard to find them online sometimes

Ingredients: Purified water, Sesame oil, Glyceryl Mono Stearate, Grapeseed oil, Gum Xanthan, Tea tree essential oil.



     I like few of Fabindia products and got this one to try out as I like to cleanse my face in the morning with gentle cleansing milk. The product comes in a white transparent sturdy packaging.  The cleanser is white in color with thin consistency and hence is easy to dispense. The facial cleanser has a mild tea tree fragrance which is not bothersome and hence people will sensitive noses will not find it irritating.  The cleanser is light weight, spreads easily with water, rinses off well without leaving any residue and a little goes a long way.  The instruction is to use the product on a cotton swab and apply to face, but I usually take some product on hand, massage it on the face and wash it off with water.  It also removes mild makeup effectively, as I used to use it for removing makeup before using face wash in the evenings but if you have waterproof stubborn makeup then it might not work but then this is only a cleanser and not a makeup remover. It does not sting the eyes when used around the eye area.  The cleanser does not dry the skin and would be great for dry skin and other skin types during cold climate, but if you oily/combination oily skin, you will feel the need to wash your face with regular face wash especially during summers. All in all it is a good cleanser, that is very gentle on skin.




Thin creamy texture that feels light on skin

Spreads well and washes of without leaving any residue

Cleanses well leaving soft smooth skin

Little quantity is enough so it will last for quite some time

Does not leave skin dry

Does not irritate skin or sting eyes.


It might be little rich for oily or combination skin people during summers

Prettykooll rating: 4.5/5


  • komal 2 years ago

    I have an oily skin but I am tempted to try it out in the winters! 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Sure do try it

  • beautetude2013 2 years ago

    Great review dear.

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂

  • Ruby At Cob 2 years ago

    Great review dear, I need this cleanser for me!

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂

  • ChicPeachyPink 2 years ago

    Fab India has some really good products that are worth every penny 🙂 Lovely review hun

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂

  • chaicyy 2 years ago

    Off late I’ve been using Fab India products and they are awesome! Will try this one as well ‘coz your review is sure tempting!

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    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Hope you will like this too

  • Rashmi 2 years ago

    Havent tried it before! will definitely try this one for sure!!

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Hope you like it

  • Swati Sharma 2 years ago

    I have used it and I honestly love it…..


    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Good to know

  • priyanjanaroy 2 years ago

    Might give this a try ! Perfect for my type of skin!

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Sure, try it

  • Richa 2 years ago

    This looks like a good one…I have a combination skin so Will give it a try later on! 🙂 Lovely review!!

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Thanks Richa, yes try it

  • Swathi 2 years ago

    Before hitting the bed I go for deep cleansing, but during the day I like these kind of cleansers. May be when the weather is less humid I might try. Great product 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Yes, this will be more suitable for less summer times 🙂

  • anubhuti 2 years ago

    will try it in colder weather as i have combination skin 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Hope you like it

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