Forest Essentials Lip Scrub – Cane Sugar Review


Hi everyone,

     I have never used commercially available lip scrubs in my life, I usually DIY using sugar, oil, honey and that too I do it very rarely may be once in 6 months if I remember to do it, or sometimes when my lips feel very dry or need some nourishment.  But the one thing I do often is, I apply lip balm in excess overnight and in the morning after brushing my teeth I brush my lips also using the same toothbrush that removes all dead cells revealing healthy moisturized smooth lips.  This is one I have been following many years and happy with it.  Lip scrubs never caught my attention as I thought I might never use it and it might be a waste.  But, when Forest Essentials launched the cane sugar lip scrub, I wanted to try it just like I wanted to try few other FE products.  The one lip scrub that I was actually eyeing was the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush as I love bubblegum fragrance but when I smelled it in Lush stores I did not actually like the fragrance or maybe it did not fit of what I thought would be the fragrance, not sure, I have to smell it once again to make sure.  But, coming to today’s review is the cane sugar lip scrub from Forest Essentials, let’s see how well it fared on me.


     ₹ 475 for 8 g

Available online from
Key Ingredients:

     Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Kokum Seed Butter, Organic Beeswax, Cane Sugar, Vitamin E, Grape Juice, Rose Flower Extract, Swee orange Peel Oil

     Do not know why they did not give a complete ingredient list?

     The lip scrub comes in a small plastic tub packaging and looks cute.  The lip scrub as per the name has sugar granules and is oily in nature.  I thought of using it at least 1-2 times a week as the shelf life is 6 months once it is opened but most of the times forgot to use it.  So, I ended up having it in the shower with my other things and so whenever I use body and face scrub which is at least once a week I remember also to use my lip scrub.  But when winters came and when my lips feel extra dry leading to flaky lips and whenever I forget to use lip balm overnight and wake up with very dry lips especially due to the indoor heating, then I scrub my lips well with this lip scrub, leave it for few minutes and then wash it off and it instantly hydrates my lips.  I would say the lip scrub is costly and DIY sugar lip scrubs actually do the same.  So, if you are not lazy then DIY lip scrubs should be enough.  I am planning to scrub my lips at least once a week as I have realized that when I made it a habit of scrubbing my lips 1-2 times a week, it has made my lips look healthier and lightened lip pigmentation which is also due to the use of my all time favorite bioalmond overnight lip balm from Biotqiue which I have reviewed here.

     Though I like using DIY lip scrubs, I am also kind of addicted to trying out other new lip scrubs from other brands, but not ready to spend a lot.  So, maybe not from lush but please do give me suggestions of lip scrubs available at an affordable price or one which you think is really good especially from Indian herbal/natural products based brands.

Prettykooll rating: 4/5



  • Anubhuti 4 months ago

    It is expensive 🙂 I like using coconut/almond oil and sugar scrub for lips 🙂

    • Preethy 3 months ago

      It is a good nourishing combination

  • Sangeeta G 4 months ago

    This is kind of expensive but I like how it softens my lips.
    Sangeeta G recently posted…NYX Round Lipstick B52 | Review & SwatchesMy Profile

    • Preethy 3 months ago

      Yes, I too like it for the same reason

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