Freeman Facial Purifying Paper Mask & Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask Review


Hello everyone,

     If you have read few of my previous posts, you might have noticed that I love using sheet mask especially in winters for that extra boost of hydration, but they do come handy along any time of the year.  I have reviewed the sheet masks from Innisfree which I quite liked, and when my sister was coming from the USA last year I got few Freeman products to try out and these facial masks are one of them.  You can read the review of the Freeman products I have used here & here.  I will be reviewing two facial masks, one is the sheet paper mask and the other one is the peel off mask.  Let’s see how these worked out for me.



     US$ 1.99 each (≅ ₹ 135) (I got the Pomegranate one free for my purchase)

Freeman Facial Purifying Paper Mask Star Fruit (Purifies & helps controls Oil)





     The sheet mask is like any other sheet mask soaked in serum kind of liquid and the sheet might not fit exactly to your face, but you can adjust it and it pretty much covers your face. I have oily combination skin in summers and tried it during summers as these are not meant for hydrating which I prefer in winters.  It has a mild scent which is not a very pleasant one but I was ok with it.  I left it on my skin for around 30 minutes then removed it and patted the remaining liquid to the face.  It is not a hydrating mask but still it left the face lightly hydrated and did control oil for few hours but nothing extraordinary, even a good oil control face wash or face mask might do the trick.  I am not sure about the purifying part as I use these on cleansed face and did not notice anything miraculous.  This is defenitely not a must try one and you can skp it or you can try it if you can find it easily.

Prettykooll rating: 2.5/5

Freeman Facial Revealing Peel-Off Mask Pomegranate (Refines & purifies)




     I used to use the peel-off mask when I was in college as they became famous at that time but did not use them for quite a few years.  So, when I saw this one I thought of giving it a try.  I hated it the moment I tore the pack as it had a strong glue smell, it just smelled of gum I would say.  It went on smoothly in the face and when it dried up, I removed it and did not notice anything much, definitely no firming or purifying as I put it on a well-cleansed face.  Maybe it has to be used repeatedly to see any firming effect but the smell was a big put-off as the smell stays strong till you have it on your face.

Prettykooll rating: 1/5

These masks might have worked well for few people but it did not work out for me and these are priced higher than the Innisfree masks which actually worked well as hydrating masks for my skin.

These are easily available in the USA but might be hard to find in other countries. Have you used these masks?  What was your experience?


  • yamini@BeautyandBlush 12 months ago

    Preethy this sheet mask and peel off mask looked great from the packaging but it is sad to hear that they didn’t work for you at all.I never tried a sheet mask but I am planning to buy some of them from Innisfree.

    • Preethy 12 months ago

      I have tried Innisfree sheet masks and they are good

  • purva 12 months ago

    these masks look great 😀

  • Swathi 12 months ago

    Oh sad !!! I have used Innisfree one and liked it. I have seen this around, not exactly these 2 variants but I have seen them around. Disapointed !!
    Swathi recently posted…Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color : Review, swatch, LOTDMy Profile

    • Preethy 12 months ago

      Yes it was disappointing especially the pomegranate one

  • Anubhuti 12 months ago

    Ouch!!! I was expecting these to be great…better to stick with innisfree masks 🙂

    • Preethy 12 months ago

      Me too, I have also read reviews that this us good somehow it did not work for me

  • Mariyam 12 months ago

    These masks look tempting outside but sad to see it disappointing!
    Mariyam recently posted…Aroma Essentials Hair Conditioner : ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 12 months ago

      Yes true

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