Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing Body Lotion Review


Hello everyone,

     Today, I will review my most used and repurchased body lotion which is the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Replenishing Body Lotion.  You would have already seen it in my Empties Post herehere.



     € 5.30 – 5.90 (depending on the variant) for 400 mL (≅ ₹ 410 – 460 for 400 mL)

Ingredients & About the Product:




        I have been using this Garnier body lotion for 3-4 years continuously and have repurchased it quite a lot.  I use different variants depending on the season and the one shown in the picture is for very dry skin which suits my dry body skin perfectly for the colder season as in Finland it gets very cold and the winters are usually in sub-zero temperature.  There are at least 3-5 variants available, in which aloe is for normal skin which I usually buy in spring/summer, shea butter for extra dry skin which I buy in freezing winters, the mango variant shown here is for dry skin which I buy during autumn/winter,  they also have a firming variant which is more gel type which I buy in dry summer.  All the variants get absorbed very fast and leave my skin very well moisturized and my skin feels ok even if I skip it without moisturizing for one or two days.  I have used body lotions from different drug store brands and I still experiment with other body lotions/butter now and then, but always come back to this one as it is economical, spreads easily, absorbs fast into the skin and leave the skin well moisturized.  I have tried the body cocoon one that comes in the orange colored pack in India which I liked during cold weather and I think these variants are not available in India.  This goes on my favorite list here, and though it does not have the best-looking ingredient list as there are also a long list of chemicals with mineral oil and silicone and you would now know that I prefer nature-based ingredients, but still I purchase this a lot as this is the one that serves the purpose of a nice body moisturizer without having to spend a lot.   I use this all over my body as my body skin is dry and the weather here makes it drier except during proper summer and so, I need a large quantity daily.  The Body Shop body butters get finished soon and they are also costly than this  and the thicker body butters need some patience to spread all over the body and so I prefer lotions like these.  The body oils do not prefer intense moisturization for the colder weather here and I am now trying to make my own body lotion and planning to use it when I succeed.  So, for now, I am stuck to this and will let you know if I find a better one that will beat this in all aspect mentioned above.




Widely available all over Finland

Nice subtle fragrance

Gets absorbed quickly

Does not feel greasy

Moisturizes the skin well

Makes the skin supple & smooth

Economical for the price as it lasts for almost a month when used daily

Has 3-5 variants to choose from depending on the skin type and the weather


Long list of chemicals especially mineral oil which is the second major ingredient along with dimethicone and paraben

Prettykooll rating: 4.5/5

Sorry for the broken/unclear images, I lost the original images to change it 🙁



  • anubhuti 1 year ago

    These are not available here and I would love to give it a try if they launch it here 🙂

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes, they are my favs 🙂

  • subha bose 1 year ago

    I wish, they introduce it here.

  • anu dev 1 year ago

    These days i love all packagings with mint colour.I m not sure if its available in India.Let me check at my local store

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      As far as I know these are not yet available in India, but check it out anyway

  • Sangeeta 1 year ago

    Mineral oil – yikes. This is starting to become common like Parabens.
    Sangeeta recently posted…Spinz Sun Tan Remover | Easy Way To Remove Sun TanMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes it is, that’s why I am searching for a better alternative and it is hard to get nature based products in Finland at an affordable price

  • Akanksha 1 year ago

    I love the packaging, so attractive. Very nice review dear. xoxo

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Thanks Akansha 🙂

  • Swathi 1 year ago

    Yup only the Orange one is available in India. Great review, hope you find something that works just like this soon 🙂
    Swathi recently posted…Monsoon inspirations for your ethnic wardrobe!My Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes, I hope the same so to reduce applying more chemicals to my skin

  • Anurima_kohlandstilettos 1 year ago

    I loved the pastel blue packaging! But I have not spotted it anywhere in India! Also mineral oil as an ingredient is a con for me 🙁 Great review as always 🙂
    Anurima_kohlandstilettos recently posted…6 Month Blogversary Giveaway Details Announced !!My Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes I think these are not available in India

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