Innsifree Skin Clinic Mask – Hyaluronic Acid Review


Hi everyone,

     If you have been reading my blog regularly, you would have known that I have dry skin and hence love using sheet masks as they are intensely hydrating.  I have tried and reviewed few sheet masks from Innisfree which you can read here & here that I quite liked.  I also got a sheet mask from Freeman which was quite disappointing.  I also liked the MaskerAide sheet masks but they were costly compared to the innisfree sheet masks though I felt the hydrating effect was the same.  And I wanted to try the skin clinic sheet mask from innisfree which is a bit costly than the normal innisfree sheet mask and they claim to be highly moisturizing and comes in different variants.  I brought the hyaluronic acid one as hyaluronic acid provides intense moisturization, so let’s see how well it fared compared to the normal innisfree sheet mask.


     ₹ 150 per sheet mask

About the Product & Ingredients:

   I already tried a couple of it’s real squeeze sheet masks from Innisfree and quite liked its intense hydration effects, but wanted to try this skin clinic mask and bought it to try out.  If you are interested in knowing the difference between the real squeeze sheet masks, skin clinic mask and the other variant second skin mask you can read in detail here.  I chose the hyaluronic acid as it claims to relieve skin dryness, leaving skin feeling dewy and hydrated and which is much needed for my dry skin in winters. The sheet might not fit exactly to your face, but you can adjust it and it pretty much covers your face. I have oily combination skin in summers and combination dry skin in winters due to which my skin gets stretched and dry. The sheet masks leave my skin highly moisturized as they are saturated with serum and I usually do not use a moisturizer after this.  It might feel heavy for oily skin people but you can use it before bed, remove it, wash your face with water and there will be no need for a night cream.The hyaluronic acid variant left my skin moisturized but I did not notice any big difference between the moisturizing ability between it’s real squeeze sheet mask and the skin clinic mask. I felt the hydrating effects were almost the same and did not note any major difference between them, apart from the thinness of the sheet mask, it’s real squeeze mask is bit thicker and this is a lot thinner and almost feels transparent when you put it on your face.   Hence if I want to buy more sheet mask I will stick with it’s real squeeze sheet mask as they are less in price compared to these ones.  


Available online (though only limited, but still it’s a pro as these were not available online earlier)

Has a subtle smell

Can be used by people with all skin types for that extra nourishment

Moisturizes the skin well

Leaves the skin soft & supple

Very simple to use and there is no need of preparation or washing off especially if you have dry skin


Costly compared to it’s real squeeze mask from Innisfree that deliver the same effects

Availability, as there are only 2 or 3 Innisfree shops in India and not many online websites, sell it

Feel sticky for some time especially in summers or when skin is on oily side

Prettykooll rating: 4/5

     Have you used skin clinic sheet mask from Innisfree? Did you find them more hydrating compared to it’s real squeeze sheet masks fromt the same brand?


  • Anubhuti 4 months ago

    Unnecessary extra cost if they deliver almost same results…nevertheless innisfree sheet masks are really good 🙂

    • Preethy 3 months ago

      Yes, they are really good. And their real squeeze masks are my favorite

  • Priyanka 4 months ago

    I love sheet masks. I hope you will enjoy sheet masking. Do post sheet mask selfies on IG 🙂

    • Preethy 3 months ago

      I too love them, yes will try to post in future

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