Kama Ayurveda Almond & Coconut Lip Bam Review


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     Today I am reviewing a lip balm from Kama Ayurveda, in the variant, almond & coconut lip balm.  There are almost 3 other different variants available.  I wanted to try this as almond based lip balms worked very well for my skin like the Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip balm which I reviewed here.



     ₹ 395 for 5 g (But, now they have increased the price to 455 :()

About the Product:

With Organic Bees Wax

A rich, natural moisturising lip balm made with Organic Almond and Castor oil. Blended with Organic Bees wax and Cocoa butter for intense nourishment. Leaves the lips replenished, soft and hydrated.

Benefits :
• Moisturising
• Made with Organic Beeswax
• 100% Natural


     The lip balm comes in a cute small tub packaging though I always prefer tube packaging for lip balms, but sometimes, tube packaging may not work out to get the exact texture as in tub lip balms.  I remember my favorite Biotique almond lip balm that usually comes in the tub packing and I brought tube variant and the texture was hard, not so moisturizing like the one the comes in the tub.  Kama Ayurveda lip balm comes in 3 other variants like vanilla, mint & rose.  The almond and coconut lip balm just smell like eating coconut cookies due to the added flavor in it.  It reminds me of my school days when we used to eat these particular white color coconut cookies kept in glass bottles.  The lip balm is light yellowish in color, smell nicely that lingers for most of the time till the lip balm is in your lips.  Once applied to lips it instantly smoothens and moisturizes the lips and I layer it during overngiht for that intense moisturization.  The lip balm looks solid in the tub, but instantly melts in your fingers due to body heat as it is composed of beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut  and almond oil.  But, in harsh winters, the lip balm solidifies and either you have to scrap some to get enough lip balm or apply it again and again on the lips till you can get enough to apply it on lips.  It works really well on chapped, dried lips, healing and moisturizing them if you apply it continuously for few days.  Lipsticks glide smoothly on tops of this lipbalm and it keep lips hydrated for a decent amount of time except in freezing winters.  Another thing I noticed is that it improves the lip color with continuous use.  Though I do not have highly pigmented lips, still I was able to see the difference and it did reduce whatever little pigmentation I had and made my lips rosier.  But, I noticed this change only after using for around 1 month and if you keep using it your lips remain in a very good condition.  I think it is due to the presence of almond oil, as almonds are very well known for decreasing pigmentation.  The lip balm is costly compared to many other affordable options but it lasts for 3-4 months with daily usage.  But, if you need a more affordable lip balm that works the same way but better in healing chapped lips quickly, improving lip texture, making it smooth, supple and rosier, buy the Biotique overnight almond lip balm in the tub packaging which I have reviewed here.




Moisturizes dry lips

Mositurization effect lasts for a few hours dependig on the weather except in freezing temperature where you have to reapply it

Smells so nice

Heals chapped lips in few days

Helps in improving the texture of lips

Reduces lip pigmentation

One tub lasts for 3-4 months if sued daily

Easily available online


Some might find a problem with the tub packaging

Costly, they have also increased the price

The texture might get harder in winters so you need to scrap the lip balm a little or apply it few times again and again to get enough amount to be applied to lips

Not easily available in shops in small cities and towns

Prettykooll rating: 4/5
Available online from amazon.in


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