L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra gentle Soap Lavender Review


Hello everyone,

     Today I am reviewing my favorite product from L’Occitane which is the L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle soap Lavender.


Price: ₹ 380 for 100 gm, € 6 (≈ ₹ 460) in Finland, it is slightly costly here compared to India (You can buy it online from the Indian L’Occitane website or at stores

Buy online from amazon.in

Ingredients & About the Product:

Formulated with a 100% vegetable base and enriched with nourishing Shea Butter. L’Occitane works directly with women’s Shea-processing collectives in western Africa, supporting economic recovery – and a heritage of natural harvesting traditions. Non-irritating; suitable for men, women and children.

Shea Butter benefits both dry skin that is naturally low in oils and flaky–and skin temporarily dehydrated by air conditioning, climate, aggressive products or diuretics. Shea Butter addresses both conditions by supporting the health of the hydrolipidic film that helps skin maintain its natural defenses.

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     I became a shower gel addict when I entered college and was using them for more than a decade.   My skin became somewhat sensitive after having a baby and I did not like the feeling of using loofah with shower gels hence turned myself to bar soaps.  I first tried out couple of soaps from The Nature’s Co, The Body Shop and recently, when I started exploring L’Occitane products, fell in love with them and got this soap to try out.  The one I am reviewing today is with lavender variant and they do have it in other variants like Verbana, Milk, Orange & Cinnamon.  This soap is creamy white in color and has a mild lavender fragrance which I love.  It lathers mildly but well, washes off easily and leaves the skin soft.  I am loving using it during winters as it does not dry out my skin but leaves the skin feeling lightly moisturized, and gives a clean feeling without leaving any residue behind.  This soap has got me converted completely into using bar soaps and I have already hoarded few hand made soaps to try out.  My skin sometimes feels irritated during winters and this soap just calms my skin down and it does not give any burning sensation even when used on scratches, cuts or wounds thus being highly gentle on skin (used it on various occasions after trying to be adventurous 🙂 ).  It might feel costly but one 100 gm bar soap lasts me usually around 1.5 months and I feel it is completely worthy.  I just love the feeling of this soap on my skin and this is going into my favorite list here and I will try other variants in the future.

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Suitable for all skin types

Has a mild lovely lavender fragrance

Feels very gentle on skin

Lightly moisturizes the skin

Gives a smooth, supple skin

Washes off easily without leaving any residue


Some might find it costly for a bar soap, though it is totally worthy

Availability is an issue as L’Occitane stores are found only in big cities, but you can buy it online

Prettykooll rating: 5/5


  • poorva 2 years ago

    Wow! Sounds great 🙂 i always eye soaps at TBS but end up buying shower gels.. i guess I’ll try this one

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      I like these soaps better than the TBS ones, try it

  • Richa 2 years ago

    Yea….It’s kinda expensive for a soap but really looks lovely! I had love to give it a try…Beautifully revewed dear 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Hope you like it, thanks 🙂

  • Priyanka 2 years ago

    Shea butter and Lavender soap sounds amazing. Nice review !

  • Emily Clark 2 years ago

    Oh nice! So this bar keeps skin moisturized too??

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Lightly I would say, but it does not strip off the moisture from your skin as some soaps do, and you need to follow up with a moisturizer in winters and if you have dry skin like me.

  • Swathi 2 years ago

    This sounds great. My mum uses handmade soaps and gentle soaps… one may not belive but these soaps last long. I will get this for my Mum 🙂 well reviwed.

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Yes they do lasts long, hope your mum likes it too

  • Lia 2 years ago

    I don’t find any issue in spending this amount at least once for this decent product……….

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Yes me too 🙂

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