L’Oreal Paris HydraFresh Hydration + Antiox Active Supreme Emulsion Review


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     Today’s review is on the L’Oreal Paris HydraFresh Hydration + Antiox Active Supreme Emulsion , I have already reviewed the toner from this range which is the L’Oreal Paris HydraFresh Hydration + Antiox Active Spa Water.




      € 16.54 (≅₹ 1220) for 50 mL

Ingredients & About the Product:






     My skin is combination-oily in summers and I prefer using light hydrating moisturizers and hence got this along with the other L’Oreal hydrafresh products. The product comes in a pink luxurious glass tub packaging which is bulky but looks pretty.   The cream is has a texture of a gel-like cream and the texture reminds me of one of my favorite Fair’e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel from Just Herbs.  It has a mild pleasant fragrance which fades away as soon as you apply it on the skin. It spreads well on the skin, non-sticky and get absorbed well into the skin instantly, it just disappears immediately eve if applied slightly excessively.  The emulsion provides enough moisturization for my skin type and hence will be suitable for oily & combination-oily skin people, but if you have dry skin and also if you get dry patches during winters like me then the moisturization will not be enough though it is meant for normal to dry skin.  I love this cream for being lightweight and at the same time moisturizing enough for summer months and that hyaluronic acid in an encapsulated form to boost skin’s hydration. The lotion does not make the skin oily and, in fact, it made my face oil-free for 2-3 hours depending on the weather condition.  One tub will last for 2.5-3 months when used daily.  I like the emulsion, but it is surely costly for what it does, it just provide hydration and there are other products that do the same in a much affordable price like the Lotus Herbals Alphamoist moisturizer.  It does not have SPF, has alcohol and dimethicone as few of the top listed ingredients though it also contains some natural ingredients like apricot kernel oil, Frech Vosges Spa water which is enriched with minerals. It’s also not available widely worldwide like the L’Oreal Spa Water and I am not planning to repurchase it in the future.  It is meant for normal to dry skin people but with alcohol content I don’t think so it will suit dry skin.  I think the price varies between countries and the night time mask in Jelly which is available in India is available at a lower price compared to other countries though they are exactly the same.  mo4



Pretty luxurious looking packaging

Smells mildly

Lightweight gel crream texture that gets absorbed instantly even if applied in excess

Makes the skin supple & smooth

Hydrates the skin decently

Little amount is needed so it will last for 2.5-3 months

It will suit normal, oily & combination-oily skin

French Vosges spa water with enriched minerals and grape polyphenols along with glycerin, castor oil are added natural goodness


Availability as they can be brought either in international websites as it is not widely available everywhere.

Costly for just the hydration it provides

Contains alcohol & dimethicone as few of the top list ingredient which might explain for its immediate absorbency into the skin, but alcohol might dry out the skin in the long run

I personally prefer more natural based products and usually stay away from products with a long list of chemicals and it does nothing miraculously.

Moisturization will not be enough for dry skin though they claim it for normal to dry skin

Does not have SPF

Prettykooll rating: 3/5
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  • Priyanka Jain 2 years ago

    I lean more towards natural products too. Packagiing is so good 🙂

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Me too, prefer using natural products more

  • Komal@ABeautyPalette 2 years ago

    I tried this product once! It smelled so much of alcohol 🙁 Gotta love the packaging though! So cute <3

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Yes, it has high amount of alcohol

  • Dipti 2 years ago

    The packaging is cute, but I won’t spend Rs.1200 just for the packaging. 😀
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    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Me too, I expected it to be really good, but it is just an ok one

  • Chaicy 2 years ago

    Sad that this doesn’t have SPF, I need SPF ‘coz I have sensitive skin. 🙁 Will have to give it a miss too.

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    • Preethy 2 years ago

      I too prefer spf in day creams

  • himanshi 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review sweets..I ll skip this one now
    himanshi recently posted…Juicy Couture Store Launch In ChandigarhMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Sure 🙂

  • aditi 2 years ago

    my skin is becoming really dry…..I’ll skip this one :)nice review

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Aditi 🙂

  • Sangeeta 2 years ago

    This sounds nice. But I wish I didn’t contain silicone.
    Sangeeta recently posted…Health & Glow Foot Mask Geranium & Fennel | ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Me too

  • Bhavya 2 years ago

    Oh no, I will have to skip this one as I have dry skin 🙁 Thanks for the honest review 🙂

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Yes it’s better to skip it

  • Vishakha@Reviewwali 2 years ago

    I will miss it as you mentioned it wont suit dry skin much, at this price tag I expect the product to work exceptionally good. 😛

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Me too, but it did nothing exceptionally

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