L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect SPF50+ 12H Long Lasting UV Protector – Even Complexion Review


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     Todays’ review is about the L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect SPF50+ Even Complexion Sunblock which I used in the spring-autumn time when it’s still very sunny but cold so my skin gets more on the combination dry side.  I was using three different sunscreens during spring-summer-autumn last year and the one I used a lot during summer is my all time favorite sunscreen which is the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen that I have reviewed here.  The other sunscreen which I was alternating between this one is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock which I have reviewed here.  There are also other variants in the L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect like Aqua Essence, Anti Dullness, Transparent Skin and the one I am reviewing here is the Even Complexion variant.


     ₹ 525 for 30 mL

Ingredients and About the Product:  

     The product comes in a white squeezable plastic tube packaging which is sturdy and travel-friendly.  The sunblock has a mild chemical smell which is not bothersome and fades away in few seconds post application.  The sunblock is tinted, has a thin runny fluid kind of consistency that spreads well and gets absorbed within few seconds of massaging it well into the skin.  Though it has a light tint and still it does not leave any white cast and blends well into the skin even when applied a little excess.  I think the tint will not produce a white cast for fair-medium-wheatish complexion and I am not sure how it will fare on people with dark wheatish complexion.  The sunblock does not exaggerate dry patches instead soothes them up, but if you have severe dry patch then it might show after application.  This does not give a matte finish, but at the same time does not look greasy on my combination dry skin but for oily skin it definitely needs to be topped up with powder and might feel greasy during summer.  There are other variants for people with oily skin but this sunscreen is really good if you have dry skin or combination dry skin.  This starts looking greasy in my T-zone in summer after few hours which can be taken care by applying compact powder.   I have tried applying BB cream and foundation on top of it and it all applied smoothly on top of it, I usually apply this, then my compact and good to go most of the times.  The consistency reminds me a lot of the Inveda BB cream which I have reviewed here that did not go well for my skin, but this feels more hydrating and applies and blends well into the skin.  The sunscreen has SPF50+ with broad protection and the mild tint actually brightens the complexion and give a slightly even tone to the skin and hence can also be used as a light makeup base.


Sturdy travel-friendly packaging

Has a mild chemical scent that does not bother me which fades in few seconds post application

Sunblock that spread and absorbs well when massaged properly into the skin

Has SPF50+ and broad spectrum protection

Does not produce any white cast on most of the skin tones and I am not sure of how it will look on dark wheatish complexion as it is tinted

Will suit most skin types depending on the weather

Slightly evens out complexion as it is tinted and if your skin is good this and a compact will be enough for daily use

Does not exaggerate dry patches on the skin

Does not feel greasy for dry or combination dry skin, hence can be used during colder weather too


This is a tinted sunblock but it has only one shade

If you think it will provide good coverage as it is a tinted sunblock then you will be disappointed

Might be rich for oily or combination oily skin people especially in summer

T-zone becomes greasy after few hours if you have combination dry skin which can be taken care of compact powder

Prettykooll rating: 4/5

Though it has its own cons, this is one of the hydrating or non-drying sunscreen for dry or combination dry skin people like me that can also be used in cold weatehr.  If you have oily skin then there are other options available.

Available online in amazon.in


  • Shilpa Shetty 5 months ago

    I loved this sunscreen till last year summers, until I discovered Bioderma sunscreen.. Nice review

    • Preethy 4 months ago

      I have never tried Bioderma sunscreen

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