Lotus Herbals YouthRx Active Anti-Ageing Foaming Gel Review


Hello everyone,

     Today I am reviewing the Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Active Anti-Ageing Foaming Gel which belongs to the newly launched anti-ageing range from Lotus Herbals.  I used this face wash when I was in India and as I love most of Lotus Herbals products I have used in the past including their face washes, I got this to try out as it was a newly launched one.  Let’s see whether it lived up to my expectation.



     ₹ 225 for 100 gm

About the Product:

Active Ingredients: Jojoba, ginseng, ginger, milk peptide complex.

     It’s a deep cleansing potion with natural extracts that not only cleanse but also nourish the skin from within, without making it dry. Lotus Herbals Youth Gineplex Youth Compound Active Anti-Ageing Exfoliator Foaming Gel purifies and boosts radiance to promote smoother and firmer skin. The exfoliator is formulated to effectively exfoliate skin, resulting in a clear, smooth more youthful looking complexion. It has been formulated with glycolic acid, saliculic acid, vitamins A and E, goji berries and kakadu plum. Exfoliating microspheres help to gently refine skin texture while anti oxidants and vitamins help prevent signs of ageing. Suitable for all skin types.


* Prevent signs of ageing. * Reveals a glowing complexion instantly. * Enhances skin renewal and restores elasticity.



     The face wash comes in a pretty gold color tube packaging with purple color cap.  The face wash is light cream in color with exfoliating granules, runny  in texture and spreads easily in the skin.  I think I also received a fault packaged one as the opening of the tube was wide instead of the small opening that is usually present and so whenever I open to take some amount, it just flows more than required and gets wasted. The face wash has an herbal fragrance which will not be liked by everyone and I am not a fan of this particular fragrance. It lathers well, effectively cleanses the face and also removes mild and non-waterproof makeup.  It washes off easily without leaving any residue, but it leaves a tight feeling, so moisturizing the skin is essential.  Though it feels that it does not strip off the moisture completely and hence will suit oily skin people very well but people with dry or combination dry skin might need a moisturization immediately especially in colder months due to the tight feeling left by it post washing.  The face looks bright and firm due to the tight feeling though the effects are temporary.  This is named as a foaming gel but it feels more creamy than a gel type with exfoliation granules.  The exfoliation feels mild but still I would not prefer to use it daily though I do not have sensitive skin and hence people with sensitive skin cannot use it daily.   This was a setback for me along with the fragrance which I personally did not like at all.  I am a huge fan of Lotus Herbal products bu somehow this did not impress me and I still use it now and then just to finish it off alternating with the Biotique face wash which I reviewed here.



Face wash that lathers well and washes off without leaving any residue

Ingredient list looks promising with mostly natural extracts

Gives a well-cleansed feel to the skin

Removes mild and non-waterproof makeup

Will suit oily and combination skin people


Skin feels bit tight post wash, so moisturization is essential

Will not suit dry skin as it might feel more drying on the skin

Not a fan of the fragrance, though it is a personal preference

The product overflows due to the runny texture leading to wastage of the product

Exfoliation is mild but still not preferred for everyday use

Claims to prevent signs of ageing, which sounds very tall for a face wash as it is not even very hydrating

Prettykooll rating: 2.5/5

Available online in Amazon, Flipkart


  • Bhavya 2 years ago

    Thanks for the honest and clear review. I will skip this one too 🙁

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Sure you can 🙂

  • Swathi 2 years ago

    I liked the serum and thinking of going for night cream too, but defo skipping this.. Thanks 🙂
    Swathi recently posted…Nature’s Essence Under Eye Cream : ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Oh I am hearing good things about the serum, will try it out

  • Chaicy 2 years ago

    I have the serum from this range and it’s working well on my skin. Haven’t tried this ‘coz I felt a serum is much better than a face wash. However, thanks for the honest review, glad I skipped this one.

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Good to know that the serum is good, will try it out

  • Kiransingh 2 years ago

    ops its looking bad face wash 🙂 Honest review dear
    Kiransingh recently posted…Sareez.com Site ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Kiran

  • Andapo 2 years ago

    hmmm… so not such a great product to have… nice review.

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂

  • Komal@ABeautyPalette 2 years ago

    Love the review hun! Sad it doesn’t perform coz I like Lotus products in general 🙁

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks dear 🙂 yes I too love Lotus Herbals products and this is the first one I did not like

  • urvi 2 years ago

    I have stopped exfoliating as it irritates my acne prone skin. Nice review!!
    urvi recently posted…CouponzGuru: The smart way of shopping online!My Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Urvi

  • Shreya 2 years ago

    Wow totally loving your pictures and honest reviews … good job dear
    Shreya recently posted…Video : Best MAC Highlighter and BlushMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Thanks Shreya:)

  • ChicPeachyPink 2 years ago

    I think I will definitely miss this one as I am not a fan of face washes that tend to dry my skin out. thanks for the review 🙂
    ChicPeachyPink recently posted…Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara – Black SatinMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Sure you can miss it

  • Sangeeta 2 years ago

    Not sure on the anti-ageing bit. But this seems like a nice face wash for oily skin in summer.
    Sangeeta recently posted…Lakme – Absolute Plump & Shine 6 Hr 3D Gloss Crimson ShineMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Yes it will be a good one for oily skin if you are ok with the mild exfoliation effect

  • Lana 2 years ago

    Thanks for the detailed review, I’ll definitely skip this
    Lana recently posted…Blessing For Dry Skin ? The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 2 years ago

      Welcome 🙂

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