Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail Review


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     Today I am reviewing a product from the Finnish brand Lumene which is the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail.  I loved the color of the product, it looked pretty in yellow and coral pink color, had words like brightening, vitamin C, was meant for dry skin which was my skin condition in the autumn weather here, was in a good offer price and I just brought it.  I wanted to try these oil based serums and was planning to pick the one from The Body Shop, but after seeing this, brought this one to try out.  Let’s see how it fared on me.





     € 20.90(≅ ₹1594) for 30 mL , but got it in offer (€13.90) (≅ ₹1060)


     It has a long list that forms the cocktail which contains a combination of carrier oils, oils, and extracts from fruits especially berries as they are rich in vitamin C, few chemical ingredients including ascorbic acid, citric acid contributing to the vitamin C factor.


About the Product:



     The dry skin cocktail comes in a glass bottle packaging with a pump dispenser, but does not have a cap and the opening is not sealed, but it did not lead to any problem as such for me.  The serum smells so soothingly but I am not able to describe the smell and the smell fades away post application, the fragrance is mild so will not disturb sensitive noses.  The bottle has to be shaken well so the two layers get mixed up and then you have to apply to the skin.  The serum is not very thick, of medium consistency, spreads easily and get absorbed well into the skin.  Around 1-2 pumps is enough for my face and neck and the serum provides enough moisturization for my dry skin as mentioned.  I used it only at night, my face did not appear oily in the morning but felt mositurized and nourished from within though it did not have any noticeable glow or brightening effect.  One 30 mL bottle lasted me around 3 months as little is needed and as long as I used it I did not get any dry patches, my skin was moisturized well enough and I did not need any other moisturizing products to apply over this in the cold autumn weather.  But for winters, I might need another product on top of this as my skin gets drier.  There is a wide range of products available in Lumene’s Vitamin C range and the cocktail is costly, I would not have mostly picked it up at its original price and I might try the other products from this range in the future especially when they are in offers.




Widely available in Finland (it’s like Lakme in India, Lumene has skincare, body care, and makeup products and they can be found in all departmental shops, or beauty shops in Finland)

Nice packaging with pump dispenser

Colors look pretty

Smells mild and good

Product spreads and absorbs well into the skin

Does not feel greasy once absorbed

Moisturizes the face well

Kept dry patches at bay even when the weather turned very cold, almost wintery



Not much brightening effect on the skin, though it made skin look healthy as it nourished the skin well

Prettykooll rating: 4/5

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