MaskerAide Facial Sheet Masks Review


Hello all,

     If you have been reading my blog regularly, you would have known that I love using sheet masks as they are intensely hydrating for my dry skin.  I have tried and reviewed few sheet masks from Innisfree which you can read here & here that I quite liked.  I also got a sheet mask from Freeman which was quite disappointing.  I received these MaskerAide sheet masks in beauty box subscriptions, one from my envy box and another one from msm  select box.  I have never heard of this brand before but when I checked the brand it seems that it is a brand based in Canada that makes products based on Korean concepts as the co-founder & owner is an Asian.  So, let’s see how did this fare on me.




₹ 460 per sheet mask


     I already tried a couple of sheet masks from Innisfree and quite liked its intense hydration effects and was happy to see these sheet mask in the subscription beauty boxes.  They both smelt good, I am not able to describe the fragrance but it was pleasant and nothing strong.  The sheet does not fit exactly to your face, is a little bigger, but you can adjust it. I have oily combination skin in summers and combination dry skin in winters due to which my skin gets stretched and dry. The sheet masks leave my skin highly moisturized as they are saturated with serum and I usually do not use a moisturizer after this.  It might feel heavy for oily skin people but you can use it before bed, remove it and it will be a substitute for your night cream.  My skin felt somewhat sticky for at least 10-15 mins after massaging and if you do not like the feeling you can gently  wash your face with water. The recommended time is 10-20 mins, but I usually leave it for 30-45 minutes and the sheet does not dry up and will feel moist when you remove it.  These does not do anything miracles for your skin, but it just leaves the skin intensely moisturized that lasts for couple of days and you can use it now and then when you feel your skin need more nourishment.  For those with oily skin, it might feel sticky for a long time, so you can just splash your face with water and pat dry with the towel and the sticky feeling will go away leaving a subtle nourished skin. But the cost is definitely higher compared to the Innisfree ones and I do not use sheet masks often, so I am not planning to purchase these ones and will get the Innisfree or other Korean brand’s sheet mask as they are more affordable compared to MaskerAide and deliver the same effects.




They are very good travel companions as you can just carry them and use them anywhere

Has a nice subtle smell

Can be used by people with all skin types for that extra nourishment

Moisturizes the skin well

Leaves the skin soft & supple

Free from parabens, sulphate, mineral oil etc


Costly compared to other sheet masks that deliver the same effects


Feel sticky for some time especially in summers or when skin is on oily side

Prettykooll rating: 4/5

Have you used these sheet mask?



  • Anubhuti 11 months ago

    I have never tried these but I’m loving sheet makss these days..

    • Preethy 11 months ago

      Same here especially for winters because my skin gets very dry

  • Shampita 11 months ago

    That sticky feeling on oily skin eventually breaks out terribly. Most of the Korean sheet masks that I have tried from broke me out terribly. I am extremely scared to try to sheet masks after that. I personally feel, sheet masks are not appropriate for oily skin.

    • Preethy 11 months ago

      Thanks for this information, as I have dry skin I never faced that problem, yes I think then it might not be appropriate for oily skin

  • yamini@BeautyandBlush 11 months ago

    Preethy I so badly want to try sheet masks,you try so many of them but I don’t get them in my city nor are they available online.I loved your long detailed review.This one looks really moisturizing for dry skin.

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