Natio Shea Butter & Tinted Lip Balm Review


Hi everyone,

     Today I am reviewing two lip balms from the Australian brand, Natio.  I received these lip balms one two different subscription boxes this year.



     ₹ 295 for 4 g

About the Product:

     You can read more about the 1- shea lip balm here & 2- tinted lip balm here



     The Natio lip balms comes in many variants and I received the Natio Shea Butter lip balm and the tinted lip balm in the shade “Angel”. Both the lip balms comes in a retractable tube form which is sturdy and travel friendly.  They have subtle smell and the shea butter lip balm do not have any tint/color but the tinted lip balm is slightly pink in color.  The shea butter lip balm applies smoothly, moisturizes the lips and the effect lasts when used overnight.  The lip balm is good to use under lipsticks as it is not waxy or slippery, but the lips will not feel moisturized all day long.  I have dry lips and the moisturization effect is enough for me all through the year.  It heals lightly chapped lips, but if your lips are very dry, prone to cracks then this might take few days to heal.  On the other hand, the tinted lip balm has a waxy texture and does not apply smoothly.  If you re-apply, it forms a waxy layer on the lips and the tint does not show on the lips at all.  The one good thing about this lip balm is that it effectively moisturizes the lips though it does not fare well in the texture or the tint.  Both the lip balms did not have the “feel-new” factor and felt like old stock though shea was better but the tinted one felt really old.  I am not sure whether I am the one who feels like that or whether others had the same experience as they came in the subscription boxes.




Convenient and sturdy packaging

Has a pleasant subtle smell

Both the shea and tinted lip balms moisturizes the lips well

Shea lip balm heals lightly chapped lips

Shea lip balm is good to apply under lipsticks due to its non-waxy and non-slippery nature


Availability is a problem in shops though Natio products are widely available online in India

Will not heal severely cracked or chapped lips

Tinted lip balm has a waxy texture and forms a waxy layer when re-applied

Tinted lip balm does not show any tint on lips

Both does not have spf

The lip balms felt like old stock especially the tinted one

Prettykooll rating: Shea lip balm: 3.5/5; Tinted lip balm: 1/5


I am not sure whether they did not fare well as they felt like old stock and I received both in different subscription boxes or they did not live up to its standard especially the tinted one.  But, I would skip these lip balms as there are many other good options available in the market.  Have you used them?  Did they fared well on you?


  • Sangeeta 1 year ago

    The shade of the tinted balm is pretty. Sad it didn’t fare so well.
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    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes it completely disappointed me

  • Dr Surbhi 1 year ago

    Preethy great review, i appreciate u, will try out this.

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      There are better lip balms available in the market

  • subha bose 1 year ago

    I am not a fan of lip balm that leaves a waxy layer on lips.

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Me too

  • purva 1 year ago

    The tinted one looked nice but sad it doesnt work as good as it seems..

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes that was a disappointing one

  • Anurima_kohlandstilettos 1 year ago

    Oops sad they did not fare well! Thanks for sharing your views dear 🙂
    Anurima_kohlandstilettos recently posted…FOTD : My Favorite Red Lipstick Picks for Christmas and New YearMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Welcome Anu

  • Swathi 1 year ago

    Great review. Sad these did not fare well, even if they did well no SPF at this rate is enough to skip them alltogether. Plus these are Plain Jane too 😛
    Swathi recently posted…W2 Strawberry Moisturiser : ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Well said

  • shwetali 1 year ago

    Ohh I was about to buy this lip balm. Thanks for sharing your views dear 🙂
    shwetali recently posted…Forever21 face cleansing brush: ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago


  • Khushi@NotOnlyMakeup 1 year ago

    The packaging is so simple and bang on. wish it was lil more pigmented, it doesn’t fulfill its name.
    Khushi@NotOnlyMakeup recently posted…Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette All About Pink : Review, Swatches & Price in IndiaMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes true

  • Salomi 1 year ago

    Shea lip balms are the best for winters..
    Salomi recently posted…New Year Party Makeup TutorialMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes they are intensely moisturizing

  • Shampita@TheRainbowLady 1 year ago

    Man it’s that bad !! Natio was supposed to be a good brand. All the bloggers who are associated with Nykka keeps raving about their products. I have never tried these and will not spend my money on these .. Thanks for the review girl.

    Shampita recently posted Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip gloss in 004 Pixie Pink Review

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      I was disappointed too, but could not decide about the brand as I not sure whether it is a very old stock but the tinted one was super disappointing

  • dona 1 year ago

    nice review dear!!! though I love tinted lip balms more as they give a hint of color as well as moisturization but this one seems not up to the mark,so I will definitely skip this.

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Yes this one failed completely in that area

  • Sonali 1 year ago

    It is great that both the lipbalms moisturize well but tinted one doesn’t show a tint, that’s such a no. Great review 🙂
    Sonali recently posted…Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti Aging Night Cream ReviewMy Profile

    • Preethy 1 year ago

      Thanks Sonali

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