OilCraft Naturals Premium Mogra Water Review


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     I love using rose water as toner/facial mist and have been using them for the last couple of years.  You can read my reviews on the rose waters from Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials & Good Earth.  I was planning to try other facial mist like Lavender, Mogra and found that it was sold by Kama Ayurveda but as usual the cost was a dampening factor for me.  So I came across this brand called Oilcraft Naturals in few blogs and purchased three different facial mist from them and today I am reviewing the Mogra one which I have been using for the past couple of months.



     ₹ 400 for 200 mL

About the Product

     Oilcraft Naturals Premium Mogra water is a very refreshing and uplifting skin tonic and cleanser. It soothes and balances the skin PH levels. It helps the skin, benefits all skin types, manages anxiety, and promotes confidence. It also benefits people suffering from the symptoms of stress and fatigue. It clears the skin and reduces blemishes and age-spots over a period of time. It is cultivated all over North India and is famous for its lingering, exotic perfume.



      The Mogra facial mist comes in a bulky plastic bottle with a spray that sprays fine mist and you can transfer it into small spray bottles.  The Mogra water has light honey color and it smells of mogra but not in a fresh way.  I am not sure how to explain it, but the smell is intense in the beginning but becomes less intense as days go by.  There is smell of mogra but it also has some other intense smell to it not sure whether it’s alcohol or something else.  I have not smelled the one from Kama Ayurveda but from the reviews it seems that it smells nicely.  I love both the smell of Mogra and Jasmine flowers and was disappointed by this slightly artificial smell.  The mist does not give refreshed feeling like the rose water I have used before but still I use it and spray it after washing my face because it lightly hudrates my face like other rose water.  I also did not like the fact that it had precipitate settled and you can see them floating when you shake the bottle which was quite bothersome,  I am not sure whether it is batch variations or are the precipitates found in all batches.  I am yet to try the other two variants that I brought which is the rose water and panch pusph and will see how they fare.  I have not tried any other products from that brand but I think they might have some good products and this mogra facial mist is not one of them.



Sturdy transparent pump packaging

Can be used on all skin types

Lightly hydrates the skin like other facial mists


Does not smell of fresh mogras

Smell is kind of intense but not very pleasant too

Does not give a refreshed feeling

Settled precipitate that does not look good

Have very tall claims for its standard

Availability, though they are online someitmes they go out of stock and it takes time to see them in stock again (I waited few months for ordeing the facial mists as they were out of stock for a paticular period)

Prettykooll rating: 1.5/5 (Just for the packaging & for being an average facial mist)

Available online from amazon.in & flipkart.com


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