Review on The Nature’s Co Fullers Earth Face Pack


Hello everyone,

     Today I am reviewing one of my favorite face packs, The Nature’s Co Fullers Earth Face Pack.


Price: ₹ 1295 for 200 mL

You can buy it online from The Nature’s Co or at their stores and other online websites.  The Nature’s Co. offer both domestic & international shipping.

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Ingredients & About the product:


     The face pack comes in a huge tub which is quite sturdy but heavy to carry during travels.  I have been using this face pack once a week for the past two months.  It is Fullers Earth with other good ingredients like vitamins and the presence of glycerin make it sutiable for people with dry skin too.  I have oily combination skin and it does not suck out the oil completely or dry the skin after washing as few fullers earth does.  It keeps the skin supple and soft if you used religiously, I use it once a week, but it can also be used twice a week too.  The smell of the face pack is so subtle and earthy which I like.  This is a ready to use face pack, but sometimes the glycerin gets separated from the base, so mix it before use.  It is a very thick paste so spreading it as such in the face is a problem, so it is better to mix it with water or rose water when you use.  I usually take around one small spoon and mix it with some rose water and apply it on my face and neck.  I leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it.  It washes off easily, does not leave any residue on face and gives a soft subtle moisturized glow.  The face pack is costly, but it will come for 10-12 months or even more depending on how frequently you use it, and so the price is justifiable.  But, I still wish they come in small quantity of 50 mL or 100 mL with less price tag as I get bored of using the same face pack for a very long time.  This is going to last me a year and I would like to try other different face packs,but will anytime repurchase it if needed in the future.



Suitable for all skin types though it is a fullers earth due to the added ingredients

Does not leave skin dry, instead leave it moisturized removing excess oil

Cleans skin well and gives a subtle glow

Dries and washes off easily

Does not leave any residue behind

Small amount is required and the huge tub will lasts almost a year


Though it is ready to use pack, spreading is difficult so should be mixed with rose water/water

Costly, though the price is justifiable and you can grab it during sales

Availability is an issue as The Nature’s Co stores are found only in big cities, I brought it online

Prettykooll rating: 4.5/5


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