Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel "Dragonfly Green" Review


Hello all,

     I already reviewed the shade “Saucy Orange” from the newly revamped Street Wear Color Rich nail enamel.  Today’s review is on another shade called”Dragonfly Green”.

Price:  ₹ 59 for 5 mL

st1 st2     The new packaging looks cute and girly and they have very good colors in this range.  The color dragonfly green is like a pastel green which I like.  This starts chipping at the edges after 2-3 days with no topcoat and I am sure the longevity can be increased with top coat.  The brush is quite small so few strokes are needed to cover the nails.  Like Saucy orange, the nail paint is runny and sheer, so you need at least 3 coats for the color to show up opaque.  The nail paint applies non-streaky and also gives a smooth glossy finish.  All in all it is good for the price range and is very pocket friendly.




Prettykooll rating: 3.5/5


  • Shifa 3 years ago

    Love this shade! I have this too!

  • ScooB 3 years ago

    Nicely reviewed preethy..its such a pretty mint green sporting it on my toenails..

    • Prettykooll 3 years ago

      Thanks, will look lovely on toenails too

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