The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream Review


Hey everyone,

     Today’s review is on my all time favorite hand cream from The Body Shop (TBS) which is the Almond hand & nail cream.


Price: ₹850 for 100 mL;  ₹425 for 30 mL;  €15,40 in Finland (Got it for  €10 during offers)

About the Product:  This effective daily hand cream cares for nails as well as hands and contains two manicurist’s essentials: sweet almond oil and panthenol. • Moisturising • Conditions nails • Sweet almond scent

After washing your hands, apply a droplet of the hand cream onto the hands and let it absorb.

Ingredients:  You can check the complete ingredient list here.



     I have never used hand cream before I came to Finland as my hands were not dry when I was in India.  And because of the cold weather in Turku, my hand got very dry and I tried different hand creams in the past.  When I got the TBS almond hand cream to try couple of years back, I liked it a lot and it is now my most favorite hand cream which I have repurchased and this is my 4th tube.  The hand cream comes in a tin foil packaging with screw type cap.  I do not like these kind of packaging as dents appear as time goes by and if you are using it on the go you have to be careful not to lose the small cap.   I prefer the plastic tube packaging with the cap attached to it for hand creams, as it makes them more convenient to use.  This hand cream smells of sweet almonds and the smell stays away in your hands for couple of hours then fades away but you will be able to smell it until you wash your hands.  I like the smell, but it might not be liked by everyone.  The hand cream is not very thick nor runny but spreads well and get absorbed easily into the skin. With couple of seconds of massaging the cream in the hands, they get absorbed completely and leaves the hands very well moisturized.  The best thing is that even when you wash your hands the hands still feel soft even after couple of washes.  But if wash your hands very frequently or if you have very dry skin thegn you have re-apply as needed, otherwise twice a day application is enough.  Very small amount of cream is needed each time and will lasts you for around 3-4 months or more if you apply twice a day. Another best thing that I noticed with this cream is that it makes the skin of your hands appear very firm, soft & supple and also it makes them bright.  Almonds are well known to improve the skin texture and also make them bright and this hand cream does exactly the same.  The skin appears very much hydrated, supple, healthy, bright and I am almost tempted to use it in my face 😀  Even if I do not use the cream for a week the skin still looks really good and then it comes back to normal and the effect reappears when I start using the hand cream again.  It is very hard for me to usually see any drastic differences when using various skin care products, so this impressed me a lot 🙂 The hand cream also conditions nails as claimed making them strong with less breakage and also moisturized the cuticles well.  I usually get more hang nails but when I use this hand cream continuously I do not get them and my cuticles are in maintained in a good state.  I will continue to repurchase it in the future and it is on my favorite products list here.




Creamy texture that spreads and get absorbed very well

I like the smell though it a personal preference

Moisturizes the hands well

Does not feel greasy

Hands appear very supple and smooth

Improves the texture and makes the skin appear bright

Conditions the nails well making them strong and less prone to breakage

Moisturizes the cuticles well and prevent hang nails

Small amount is needed and lasts for around 3-4 months depending on the usage


Packaging can be improved as tin packaging is prone to dents and that small cap can easily slip your hands when using it on the go or in a hurry

Prettykooll rating: 4.9/5 (will give 5/5 if they change the packaging)



  • Pankhuri 2 years ago

    This has been on my list from a long time… Definitely this would be in my basket next time I visit TBS store 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Hope you like it too

  • Chic Peachy Pink 2 years ago

    A big fan if TBS products.. Have nearly loved all of their products.. Really liked their hemp hand cream as well 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      I do love few of TBS products and this is one of them

  • Swati Sharma 2 years ago

    amazing review dear……

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂

  • poorva 2 years ago

    Great review! I’m using the hemp hand protector and loving everything except the bad scent 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      I wanted to try the hemp one but did not like the smell when I tried it in the TBS outlet, but heard it is a really good one for dry hands 🙂

  • poonamjain 2 years ago

    Though packaging could have been improved but I kind of like that metallic touch.. reminds me of childhood days when creams used to come in such tubes.. I am yet to try this but i am sure would love it.. it looks so moistursing!! <3

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Yes, it is very moisturizing and hole you will like it

  • Richa 2 years ago

    I love TBS Products! They do an awesome job….I have not tried this product yet but will give this a try soon…LovelY review Babe 🙂

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Thanks 🙂 sure try it

  • komal 2 years ago

    I love TBS products! Cant’t believe I haven’t yet tried this hand cream. WIll check it out 🙂 Wish they change the packaging soon though..

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Sure, check it out 🙂

  • 2 years ago

    The packaging worries because I feel it can fall apart. But this hand cream sounds amazing, I will definitely check it out now! Nicely reviewed dear
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    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      It is a great one and will be really good if they change the packaging

  • Swathi 2 years ago

    Loved the review. The packaging is a pain, even that hemp one has this type packaging…old boroline type 😀

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      Yes, very true 🙂

  • Farah Pasha 2 years ago

    Love your review and yes Packaging should be better. It looks like painting color tube.

    • Prettykooll 2 years ago

      The old packaging used to be in the plastic tube and do not know why they changed it :/

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