The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Products Review


Hi everyone,

     You might have seen this vanilla chai limited edition Christmas festive collection in my Germany haul here and I especially got it for the apple tin which you can see in my haul post.  I wanted either the red apple tin with frosted berries or the green apple tin with spiced apple but both of them were sold out.  The limited edition are still available in shops and online in very good discounts in the TBS of few countries, but not sure about India.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel

     The shower gel smells like vanilla chai almost exactly if you have drunk it and it feels like taking bath in tea/chai based drink.  But, the smell does not linger on the skin post washing, it is a gentle shower gel, lathers well does not dry out the skin and good for winters.  The smell gives a soothing feeling in cold winters and I enjoyed it but I might not like it as much during other seasons especially during summer or spring.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Gel-Lotion

     The gel lotion has a nice gel lotion consistency spreads well and get absorbed by the skin immediately.  It also has the same fragrance and it lingers on the skin for few hours post application.  But, as it is a gel lotion the hydration effect will not be enough for dry skin in winters and will suit normal skin people.  I use it during those days when I stay at home, so my skin does not get very dried up by exposing to cold and hence the hydration is enough for a full day.  But, sometimes I feel my skin is dry at the end of the day and have to reapply it.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Scrub

     The body scrub is a sugar based scrub, so it feels a bit harsh on skin initially but the sugar melts and exfoliates the skin very well.  The fragrance does not linger in the skin post wash but the exfoliation effect is good like other body scrubs in TBS.  If you want a very nice exfoliation then it is best to exfoliate on towel dried damp skin, if your skin is too wet then the sugar particles dissolve very easily and the exfoliation effect is short lived.

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Butter

     This body butter is creamy and thick like other TBS body butter and the smell stays in a skin for almost a day especially in cold climate.  The moisturization it provides is also sufficient for dry skin and I loved using it after the shower.  But, I smell like vanilla chai and sometimes it gets a bit too much as I feel I smell like tea all day.  So, I do not think I will enjoy this smell in summer or spring but the body butter is almost going to be finished soon.

     Have you tried this limited edition?  I quite like the smell for winters and it felt good to try a different fragrance other than the usual floral and fruity fragrances.


  • Aishwarya Krishnammachary 4 months ago

    This smells divine

    • Preethy 4 months ago


  • Jayanthi Parthasarathy 4 months ago

    Lusting after the body butter

    • Preethy 4 months ago

      That’s my fav too

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