The Nature’s Co Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream Review


Hello everyone,

     Today I am reviewing my another favorite product from The Nature’s Co, the Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream.  I like their Fullers Earth face Pack which has been already reviewed here.


Price: ₹ 1495 for 200 mL

You can buy it online from The Nature’s Co or at their stores and other online websites. The Nature’s Co. offer both domestic & international shipping.

Ingredients & About the product:


      I am never a person who spends time doing facial massages regularly, though I have read that it is really good for your skin in the long run.  But, I love when I get facial massage done in parlous during facials and thought of doing facial massage at home just for 5 minutes regularly and learnt it from few youtube videos.  When I was searching for good facial massage creams, I read about this facial massage cream in few blogs like ETM, makeupnspice, Colorific and thought of giving it a try. Now, i kind of got addicted to facial massage especially this cream too and it just helps in relaxing if you are not in a hurry.The massage cream comes in a huge tub which is quite sturdy but heavy to carry during travels.  I have been using this facial massage cream 4-5 times/week for the past three months.  I love the smell of the cream, it is not strong nor subtle either, but smells really nice of cocoa.  The smell remains on the face for some time after you have massaged and washed it off.  It has all the good ingredients for the skin like almond oil, wheatgerm oil, vitamins, cocoa and kokum butter.  The cream feels buttery, spreads well and the texture is so good to use as a massage cream.   I take a small amount of it, massage on wet face for 5 minutes or less and leave it on my face for 5-10 mins and wash it.  It leaves the skin smooth, supple and lightly moisturized.  If you have oily or combination oily skin like me, then the moisturization effect is enough in summers, but in winter time or if you dry skin, then the moisturization might not be enough.  But, still it leaves your skin quite hydrated for some time.  It washes off easily, does not leave any residue on face and it did not cause any breakouts on my skin. I am not sure about the claim of lightening of dark spots, but it might help in the long run.  The facial massage cream is costly, but it will come for 8-10 months if you use it 4-5 times/week, and so the price is justifiable.  But, if you do not use it frequently like me and use it once or twice a week, then it will come for more than a year.  So, do check the expiry date while buying as it will last for a long time and if you do not use it very often you might waste it by throwing it away.  I really wish they come in small quantity of 50 mL or 100 mL with less price tag so it is more affordable.  This is the main problem with few of their products coming in huge quantity.  But, this is one product I can keep repurchasing for years to come, unless they stop making it or if I find a much better one.




Suitable for all skin types

Has the right buttery texture making it great for facial massage

Spreads very well

Moisturizes the skin decently

Gives a smooth, supple skin with regular use

Washes off easily without leaving any residue

Small amount is required and the huge tub will lasts almost a year


Costly, though the price is justifiable and you can grab it during sales

Availability is an issue as The Nature’s Co stores are found only in big cities, I brought it online

Prettykooll rating: 4.5/5


  • Komal 3 years ago

    Lovely review Preethy! will try products from this range soon

    • Prettykooll 3 years ago

      Thanks Komal, they have some good products, try and see

  • Richa 3 years ago

    Nature has some great products in their range! Though expensive, This one looks so wonderful….Lovely Review! 🙂

    • Prettykooll 3 years ago

      Thanks, yes, they do have some good products, would be great if they start selling them in small quantities with less price

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