Votre Face Serum Review


Hi everyone,

     Today I will be reviewing a face serum from the brand Votre.  I received this in one of my fab bags last year and I have never heard about the brand earlier.  So, let’s see how well it fared on me.


     ₹ 1670 for 12 mL


     The Votre face serum comes in an amber color glass bottle packaging with a dropper that works with no problem in taking out the required amount of product.  The serum smells nice and mild, I am not able to describe the smell and the smell fades few seconds post an application on the skin.  The serum is watery,  non-sticky, spreads easily and get absorbed well into the skin.  I have dry skin in winters and so I take around 8-10 drops of the serum and apply it with massaging, it gets absorbed instantly.  I would say my dry skin just drinks up the serum even when I apply more than 10 drops or in excess.  So, the moisturization it provides is not completely enough for my skin type as it is dry in winters and I use a night cream after it, but sometimes I just apply only the serum when I do not feel too much dryness on my face.  It does hydrate the face and hence will be highly suitable for oily & combination-oily skin people, but if you have dry or very dry skin, then the moisturization it provides alone will not be enough.  My face does feel hydrated and supple in the morning but I did not find any drastic improvement or difference in my skin tone.  I love the fact that it has as list of oils as key ingredients but they do not give us the complete ingredient list and mention just Base Q.S.  I think that a complete ingredient list should be provided of what is present in the Base Q.S. along with the percentage of the oils present in it.  I love this serum for being lightweight and at the same time moisturizing thus making it a good serum for oily or combination oily skin people  and dry skin people can use a cream along with it.


Good packaging with glass dropper

Smells nice and mild

Lightweight, non-sticky serum that spreads and absorbs well

Feels very light on the skin and does not feel greasy

Moisturizes well and does not make face oily in the morning, especially if you have oily or combination oily skin

Has a nice list of oils added to it




Does not show any big difference or improvement on the skin

Do not give the complete list of ingredients

Prettykooll rating: 3.5/5

This is definitely a lightweight non-greasy serum but the price tag is quite high and I would not have picked it up if I have not received it in my fab bag.  I feel there are other better facial oils or face serums to invest in this price range and they do not even give the complete ingredient list.  Have you used this face serum?  What do you think of it?