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Hello everyone,

     Hope you all had a good start of the year and a very Happy New Year.  I was not sure what to post as the first post of 2017 but then I thought I would share The Body Shop products I purchased from Berlin, Germany where we went for few days during the Christmas vacation.  So, few of you might wonder that why should I bring them all the way from Germany while they are widely available in Finland.  The truth is TBS products are of the high price in Finland when compared to India and few other countries like Germany, I will give the prices of the products so you will have an idea and so some products are double the price in Finland compared to Germany, especially my all time favorite rainforest range.  The best country to buy TBS products in various offers like 40-50% off, buy 3 get 3 etc is the USA and I have ordered a list of products to my sister’s home during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of 2016.  We will be meeting at the mid of this year in India and I will collect it from her (excited about the trip to home 🙂 though it is 6 months away).  Ok without further delay, here are the products that I purchased from the TBS store in Berlin.

1. The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil

Price: 12€ (≅ ₹860) in Germany, ₹695 in India (currently 50% off), could not find it in Finland

Quantity: 200 mL

This is one oil I always wanted to try though it is cheaper in India compared to Germany but somehow never purchased it.  The hair oils I am using now are currently finishing up, so I got this one and will review it of how I like it though most of the reviews I came across sounds good.  This is not pure coconut oil but a mixture of many oils.

2.  The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo 

Price: 7€ (≅ ₹500) in Germany, 13€ (≅ ₹930) in Finland, ₹795 in India 

Quantity: 250 mL

     This shampoo needs no introduction, if you have been reading my blog you would know that I love this one and has repurchased many numbers of bottles in the past, you would have seen it in empties post I got them from TBS store in Finland, India, USA and now from Berlin. All are the same but as they are of the high price in Finland I try to buy them from other countries whenever possible.  This shampoo is on my favorite products list here and still remains my favorite though I have been trying other non-SLS/SLES shampoo.  I know few people do not like this shampoo as it does not somehow work for their hair, I do not know why, but this is my savior especially for the weather in Finland.  I have been using this shampoo for the past 3 years now and never had a itchy, dandruff or dry scalp even when the outside temperatures here hit -20ºC and the indoor heating is high and I had to wash my hair always in hot water all reasons for drying up the scalp, but this shampoo is a saviour, it keeps my scalp and hair in good condition without drying.  I planned on buying 2 bottles but currently I have to finish the other shampoos I got to try out and hence brought one.  Nothing has yet beaten this one and 2 more bottles will be coming up in my USA haul.  OK, I think I have to stop now ranting about this shampoo.  You can read the complete review here.

3.  The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Hair Conditioner

Price: 7€ (≅ ₹500) in Germany, 13€ (≅ ₹930) in Finland, ₹795 in India 

Quantity: 250 mL

     Few might be wondering why I did not buy the conditioner in the moisture variant as same as the shampoo but the truth is I got to try the travel size rainforest moisture conditioner in one of the velvette bag (now Fab bag) I think 3-4 years ago and it did nothing for my hair.  Not sure if it is the conditioner itself or because I was using a sulfate based shampoo at that time and the conditioner was too mild for my hair as my hair was quite dry.  But I also came across few reviews which claimed that it did nothing to the hair.  So I did not want to take a risk and went for the shine conditioner which I have read mixed reviews but mostly positive than the moisture variant.  So, I will review it later of how it works for my hair.  I was using the rainforest moisture hair butter which you would have seen in my empties post here, I liked it a lot but did not repurchase it as nowadays my hair looks healthy when I pre-oil hair before using shampoo and hence I actually always do not need a conditioner.  I just brought the shine variant as I could not oil my hair always before washing it and some extra added moisture into my hair would be beneficial especially in this cold winter.

4.  The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub (Relaunched in the Spa of the World range)

Price: 11 € as it was on 50% off (≅ ₹785) in Germany, ₹1650 in India (old one shown here which is not available anymore)

The relaunched scrub in the Spa of the World range is ₹ 2395 in India and 22 € (≅ ₹1600) in Germany

Quantity: 350 mL

     So the old Ximenia scrub now comes in a new glass tub packaging and the one here is the from the old packing but the formula/product remains the same.  I have read reviews where people complain about this packaging and was discontinued when the new Spa of the world series was launched.  So, when I went to the store, I saw few bottles of the old packing were remaining and it will expire in 1 year from the date of opening.  I thought I will skip it as I was planning to buy the new packed one from the USA during offers but this was 50% off and so the price is unbeatable. And I smelled the different scrubs from the Spa of the world range like the Sea Salt scrub and Brazilian Cupuacu scrub-in-oil (cupuacu scrub is not yet introduced in India) loved the smell and texture of the cupuacu scrub as it seem to be more hydrating due to the high amount of oils present in it and was tempted whether to get that or the Ximenia scrub.  Then, at last, I decided for the price I will buy the Ximenia scrub as it has been on my wishlist for a very long time and I will definitely get the Brazilian Cupuacu scrub-in-oil later may be from the USA when it is on offer.

5.  The Body Shop Almond Nail Polish Remover

Price: 3 € was on 50% off (≅ ₹215) in Germany, 6-7 € (≅ ₹430-500) in Finland, not available in India

Quantity: 100 mL

I already have a bottle of this nail polish remover and it is going to finish up soon.  I am a huge fan of almond hand cream from TBS which I reviewed here and which is also found in my favorite products list here.  This is another product I have repurchased few times like the rainforest moisture shampoo and when I saw this I got it.  If you do not like the smell of TBS almond had cream then do not buy this as this has the same smell a bit stronger.  It is very gently on nails and never dry the cuticles I think they have mixed up almond oil so it feels oily and nourishing after removing nail polish.

6.  The Body Shop Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation

Price: 6 € (₹ 430) was on offer as it is being discontinued (original price, 18€) in Germany, around 21 € I think  (≅ ₹ 1500) in Finland, discontinued in India and is also discontinued in other countries

I think this product is already discontinued and the last few remaining pieces were on sale.  I wanted to try this also and as it was on a very good offer got it but as the testers were not available and I was in a hurry I got a darker shade which also has more pink tones to it.  So if I apply it as a setting powder it looks ok, but when I apply it as a foundation I look tanned or muddy under different lightings.  I really want the shade to work for me as I like the finish of the foundation on my skin, I should have chosen another lighter shade that was there and really not happy with it.  But, I am planning to give this to my sister as I think it will work for her skin tone.

7.  The Body Shop Color Crush Nail Polish Mint Cream

Price: 3 € (₹215) was on 50% off, not sure about the price in Finland & India as I think this is also discontinued now 

     There were few colors but either I had similar shades or some colors I did not like or did not suit my skin tone.  So, I settled to this pastel mint green shade as I do not have any a mint shade currently.  I had one from color bar and Streetwear couple of years back and they got expired.

8.  The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Festive Tin

Price: 13 € (₹ 930) was on offer (original price, 19€) in Germany

This is one of the limited edition Christmas releases which was also on offer.  So, I got this one and it has the 4 products shown above.  I especially got it as I liked the apple tin too 🙂

9.  Strawberry Body Butter Sample

I got this as a free sample for the purchase

     I have already started using the mineral loose powder foundation and excited to try the Ximenia scrub soon.

     So, have you tried any of the products above and which one of the above are your favorites or which one did work or not work for you?



  • aditi 5 months ago

    omg ! amazing haul 🙂
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    • Preethy 5 months ago

      Thanks Aditi

  • Sonali 5 months ago

    Amazing haul, the goodies are tempting enough
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    • Preethy 5 months ago

      Thanks Sonali

  • Jayanthi Parthasarathy 5 months ago

    love the vanilla chai range

    • Preethy 5 months ago

      I yet to try it

  • Aishwarya Krishnammachary 5 months ago

    loved the cute tin you got that looks like apple
    nice products

    • Preethy 5 months ago

      Thanks Aishwarya, they introduced a red one with frosted berry scented products and a green one with spiced apple products, but they were all sold out

  • Shilpa Shetty 5 months ago

    Awesome Haul,.. The The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Festive Tin is amazing,… Loved its packaging,..

    • Preethy 5 months ago

      Same here 🙂

  • safi 5 months ago

    Wow. That’s a huge haul 🙂 I love the apple tin as well, it looks so pretty 🙂
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    • Preethy 5 months ago

      Yes that’s what tempted me to buy it, thanks Safi

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