Za True White Ex Products – Emulsion, Day Cream & Night Cream Review


Hi everyone,

     Today I will review the products from the Za True White range which I am currently using.  You might have read my post here & here where I used L’Oreal Paris HydraFresh products during last year summer and Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration range during last year winter respectively.  I have been planning to try Za products since the time it was launched in India and purchased it last year but has to wait till this winter to start using it.  There are a series of other products in this range, but I got only the following three to try out.  I also heard that Za products are not retailed in India anymore.  I did not buy this range for the whitening properties, but it claimed to diminish dark spots, blemishes and brighten the skin and read to know whether I personally experienced these effects.

Za True White Ex Emulsion Review (₹ 899 for 125 mL)

     The Za True White Emulsion comes in a plastic bottle with an opening that dispenses the right amount of product and the bottle is also quite sturdy and travel-friendly.  The mask-in lotion has a light white colored slightly thick watery lotion texture and has a mild pleasant fragrance which fades away as soon as you apply it on the skin.  I dispense some product in my palms after cleansing and apply to my face, it just feels like a watery lotion when applied but gets absorbed well after few seconds of massaging it into the skin.  If I use more than required also, it just gets absorbed within a minute of massaging.  If you have very oily skin, this will double up as an essence and as a light serum/moisturizer by itself during hot humid months.  As I have combination-oily skin, I apply either the day cream or the night.  The combination of emulsion with day or night cream adds the extra moisture to the skin and helps in giving a hydrated supple skin during the dry winter months and it has helped in maintaining my dry skin healthy this winter.

Za True White Ex Day Cream Review (₹ 999 for 40 g)

     Za true white day cream comes in a white plastic tub packaging and the cream smells similar to the emulsion, mild and pleasant.  The cream is little thick in texture but spreads well and get absorbed into the skin within few seconds of massage.  Once absorbed, it leaves the skin well hydrated and does not feel greasy at all. But, one problem is due to its thick texture, if you are prone to sweating it might sweat a little, during heavy winters I do not feel any sweating but during less cold climate, it sweats for some time around my mouth and nose.  This has an SPF 20-PA++ which I like as I do not have to use a separate sunscreen during winters.  If you have dry skin and also if you get dry patches during winters like me this cream will take few days to completely smoothen the dry patches.  The most important factor I liked in this cream is that, though it is a bit thick, it gets absorbed completely and does not give any greasy feeling at all which is quite a surprise and hydrates the skin well. The combination of the emulsion and day cream made my skin to stay hydrated all through the day and the cream by itself also hydrated my skin well.  But, other than that I did not find any other skin benefits as claimed.  This will feel heavy for oily skin people but will suit people with combination and dry skin.

Za True White Ex Night Cream Review  (₹ 999 for 40 g)

     Za true white night cream also comes in a similar tub packaging like the day cream.  This has a gel cream like texture, light weight, spread well and get absorbed well into the skin with massaging and does not give any greasy or sticky feeling. This provides enough moisturization for my skin type when my skin does not have dry patches and hence will be suitable for oily & combination-oily skin people, but if you have dry skin and also if you get dry patches during winters like me then the moisturization will not be enough.  As soon as I apply, I can feel that it has alcohol content and it slightly irritates my dry patches and if I continuously apply it for few days continuously my dry patches starts getting more drier, this is similar to the L’oreal night mask-in jelly which I loved but had the same problem due to high levels of alcohol  So, I use it when my skin is free of dry patches and if my skin gets dried a lot due to extremely cold weather or other reasons, then I take a break few days and use another product which I will review soon.  Once, when my skin is free of dry patches, I start using this night cream.    But, those will normal or oily skin will like this a lot like the L’oreal night mask-in jelly as it does not make the skin oily and in the morning the face is fresh and oil free.  It is meant for all skin types but with the high alcohol content, I don’t think so it will suit dry skin and it might dry out the skin in the long run and this does not provide any other skin benefits other than hydration.


All the products mentioned above smells mildly that fades away quickly post application

Products are lightweight except the day cream but all get absorbed well within few seconds post application

Emulsion will come for 5-6 months depending on the usage

Helps in moisturizing the skin well but if you have dry patches then the night cream might irritate them, but the day cream is nicely moisturizing

Emulsion can be used by all skin types and people with normal and oily skin will find the emulsion itself moisturizing during summer months

Day cream will suit normal and dry skin during all season and oily skin during winter months

Night cream will suit all skin types depending on the season and people with very dry skin or dry patches might find it less hydrating during colder months

All the products doesn’t make the skin greasy

It does have mineral ingredients from the naturally occurring spa water and also 4MSK which claims to control melanin production and prevents the occurrence of dark spots

You might feel that the skin gets slightly brightened when you continuously use it but nothing highly noticeable


Not available in India anymore

Costly for the quantity especially the day and night cream, there are other better products at this price point

It claims to diminish dark spots, blemish marks, and patchiness and I have not observed these effects noticeably even after completely finishing up the products.

Contains alcohol, dimethicone and a list of other chemicals which might explain for its immediate absorbency into the skin, but alcohol might dry out the skin in the long run especially for dry skin people during winter months

I personally prefer more natural based products and usually stay away from products with a long list of chemicals and it does nothing miraculously for the skin.

Prettykooll rating:
Za True White Ex Emulsion: 4.5/5
Za True White Ex Day Cream: 4/5
Za True White Night Cream 3.5/5 for dry skin, 4.5/5 for oily skin

All in all the products are good taking into account they are good moisturizers depending on the skin type and season and other things like ingredients depends on personal preference.  I could not give the complete list of ingredients are I threw the outer carton which has the ingredient list, but you can find the complete list on various websites/blogs.  Have you used the products from this range? Which one did you like the most?



  • Sonali 5 months ago

    I have used za true white scrub cum mask and had good experience with it. As you said I would go for night cream as I have oily skin. But non availability in India is such a con . Nice review
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    • Preethy 5 months ago

      Yes, non availability is an issue now and oily skin people will love the night cream

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